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My Story

Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Darren Johnson. I am a self published author, writing a series of murder mystery books known as the tiny house mysteries. 

I live in Bulgaria with my partner and our three dogs, when I'm not writing i'm working on the house we are renovating here. 

I have always loved to write, but found very little time for it, due to work commitments. However with my change in lifestyle and the pandemic that occurred in 2020, I found there was never a better time than to start producing my novels and novellas. 

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My Books

The article she was writing about the small sleepy Bulgarian village was mundane, until she found what would be the story of the century.

Lydia Spalding reluctantly agrees to take on an assignment to cover a story about a village in Bulgaria, that has been purchased by a British millionaire. The story is to be featured in a new women's section in the Gazette and Herald.

When she is sent to get an interview from the person who bought the village, Lydia finds he is not as forthcoming as she had hoped. Determined not to leave without an answer she gets to know some of the villagers whilst undercover, they are all from the UK, but she can't figure out why?

When she begins to uncover things happening in the village, Ronnie Ogden the local foreman of a sawmill is found badly beaten and barely alive, can Lydia get to the bottom of the secrets people are keeping in Happy Endings?


Secrets to a Happy Ending by Darren Johnson, is the first book in a cosy mystery series, that features unexpected twists, blackmail, deception and clues to keep readers wondering until the very end. 

If you love mysteries and thrillers, that keep you guessing, and books where you can't stop turning the pages, then you will love this first book in the Lydia Spalding series

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What the readers think

"All-embracing unexpected twists are weaved into the very heart of this entirely fascinating, romantic and charming read. Taking the reader through marvellous and vivid descriptions, the author moulds wonderful characters. Elegantly and wittily written, this captivating book offers pure reading content and delight."


"Enjoyed reading from the start ,didn't have any idea how the book would end. I couldn't even guess half way through, kept me wanting to read to the end."

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Works in progress

Secrets to a Happy Ending, Genre: Mystery suspense. Final revisions done, submitted for copy editing- due for release July 2020

Castles and Calamities - LGTB Current WIP Shelved until further notice. 

Four book series.Book 1 WIP over 20000 words written scheduled release September 2020.


Book 2 Tiny house mysteries in planning for release October 2020.


Book 3 Tiny hours mysteries in planning anticipated release December 2020


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