What on earth am I doing?

I have not the faintest idea what is going on in the world right now. There is no way to reach any sense of normality, to be honest I think normality has had its hey day so to speak, the world has changed, we are living in a dystopian society, the kind of things you only read in books, it's real and it's happening.

And there I go deciding, that now is the best time to write novels, but the method to my madness is purely that in these rough times we need escape, to another world, universe what ever you want to call it. Have you seen the beautiful things that are going on in the world amongst the devastation, the canals in Venice are clearing, allowing the fishes to be seen, swans are returning. China and India have record low pollution levels, people can breathe, although for many this is not the case due to being cooped up inside due to the pandemic. I can only hope that world wide authorities, see that the earth is repairing itself and it needs to see mother nature found a way to fight, they need to work with her not against her for the sake of all mankind (now there is something I never imagined saying.)

So whilst this first blog post is dramatic, I wanted to pour out my heart what I am feeling right now. I am watching people cheer for the medics in the streets, my faith in humanity is being restored, only now do we realised how precious we are, and what a precious thing we have, we take it for granted but I don't think this is no longer the case.

So while I end this first post to you my present or future readers, know that I believe we are on the cusp of a new beginning, I wish you all peace and ask for you all to keep safe, be responsible and think of those less fortunate than yourselves.

Until next time.

Releasing as a free download July 2020

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